Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Health and wellness have been an essential part of our journey in everyday life, but also in business. There is a definite positive impact on choosing health and making it a priority to gain clarity in running your business. That aside, we have to fess up and tell you this has been a struggle during self-isolation. We thought it necessary to talk about our struggle in health and wellness because some of you may experience the same situation.


Christina: I think I've always operated this way. Whether it was academics in my younger years, or athletics in my early 30's, and most recently, my diet and food intake, I admit I'm either all in or all out. I started to wonder if I was alone in this, and it turns out I'm NOT.

WHY, do we create this cycle for ourselves, in any case? If you've ever experienced any amount of anxiety or even depression, maybe you can relate more to what I'm about to say. It's almost like our mind dictates the outcome before it happens, and we create a sense of routine around black and white terms. It gives us a false sense of stability, and it is not manageable in the long term.

Okay, so what to do about it? A Lot of our self sabotaging experiences in adult life stem from some form of cognitive dissonance. We have mostly disassociated with our thoughts and behaviors because it presents the idea that it is easier to manage. Truthfully, cognitive dissonance only delays reality and can magnify issues we may have in our personal lives, specifically our relationship with food, and possibly even alcohol, (we will dive more into relationships with alcohol in an upcoming blog post.)

  • The best practice in these cases is to try best and take PAUSE. Nothing needs to be urgently defined, and in terms of all or nothing thinking, taking a moment to notice how you are feeling before setting stringent guidelines for yourself can help you avoid such processes. Notice how you are feeling. Let it pass, and see if you can come up with a more lenient structure for yourself.

  • Flip the Switch- No, we aren't talking about the song. Stop for a moment and think about a positive resolution. Take your mind to the opposite of what you were naturally in tune with thinking. You may be quite surprised by this result. Like any new way of thinking, it takes time. Be gentle on yourself, and try to make it a daily habit.

  • Avoid Conditions- If you're apt to be all in or all out, the tendency is to set the bar very high. Try best to restructure specific tasks, and don't set expectations that aren't reasonable. A small example is f you're looking to get back into shape. Commit to yourself, but perhaps make a commitment that doesn't entail a workout 7 days a week. Be realistic and start with achievable goals. Long term success with smaller, more manageable thinking and goal creation is plausible.

Small steps can genuinely have a significant impact on your subconscious thinking and internal viewpoints. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is reprogramming your patterns of thinking. It takes time. The reward, however, is that you are less likely to feel, so let down by yourself or others when you focus on eliminating black and white thinking.


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