Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Keep your hair color fresh and sharp using these simple hacks!

  • Sulfate Free Shampoo- Gentle on the hair and will extend the life of your color.

  • Shower Filter- Prevents the buildup of minerals and therefore prevents fading.

  • Purple Shampoo- Reduces brassy tones for blondes.

  • Decrease Water Temperature- Will help prolong your color for a lasting effect.

  • Heat Protectant- Protects against heat damage from heat styling tools.

  • Skip Clarifying Shampoos- These can strip the hair and take your color from fab to drab!

  • Invest in a Color Safe Dry Shampoo.

  • Use Pure Unrefined Coconut Oil for an at home treatment- Unrefined coconut oil is not chemically processed. It holds its most valuable properties in tact. Coconut oil will help nourish and condition the hair and scalp.