Updated: Nov 25, 2020

As children, all of us were intrigued by Rapunzel’s hair. The hair, long and strong enough to hold a man (literally), beautifully cascading down the tower.

However, with such hair come difficulties only people with long hair can relate to:

Hair here, Hair there, Hair everywhere

We leave our trace behind no matter where we go. The hair strands get stuck everywhere, and as our head gets pulled back, we rethink why we ever opted for such hair in the first place. Falling in our food, getting stuck to our lip gloss, caught in car doors, and even in the hinges of headphones – it seems our hair wishes to be anything other than in control.

The Constant Need for Shampoos and Conditioners

For people with long hair, a one-time bath products shopping does not cut it. After every few weeks, there is the need to return to the market in search of frizz-free shampoos and conditioners. So in case you wish to keep long hair, know that a large proportion of your pocket monies are bound to be spent on hair products.

The Waiting Games

The longer the hair, the longer the waiting time for the hair to dry naturally. In case it is winter, hours will be spent before the wet hair decides to dry itself out. So if you have an urgent meeting, leaving after a quick shower is probably not a good idea.

Hair Styling Problems

Long hair requires time in styling. Whether we wish to straighten them, or are in the mood for a curl – know it will be hours before we get away from our dressing tables. The time factor is bound to be a disincentive for hair styling, simply because entire schedules have to be cleared before the styling is complete.

However, with long hair comes the opportunity to look like absolute stunners. To make our lives easier, the Stella Nova Essentials hot air brush, allows quick and easy drying of hair. You only have to run the brush through your hair for some time, and behold - voluminous, dry, frizz-free, styled hair greets you with a smile.

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