Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Stella Nova means New Star. That’s exactly how we see ourselves! New Star!

We wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves and our blog. You can check back here for trends, tips, and general inspirational info that can help you transform your beauty routine, as well as your day to day!

Stella Nova Essentials was founded on the premise that everyone is a star in their own light. We are women just like you, trying to find our way in the world, in relationships and in business. We feel it important to share all aspects of our journey, as well as provide relatable content to the beauty world.

Founded in 2019, Stella Nova Essentials came to fruition after much discussion of starting a side hustle. Many women feel as though they aren't living to their full potential. We are constantly aiming to please others, yet taking care of ourselves and our needs, can sometimes feel like a heavy weighted task. Many woman stagnant themselves by telling themselves it's impossible to make change; fear takes over. Stella Nova Essentials was made possible after meeting someone who started a business from the ground up, and who found much success doing so! This was the encouragement we needed to start thinking differently. What i it WAS possible?! With a great mentor at our side, we made the impossible possible; we tried!!


  1. Find a great mentor: Find someone who perhaps has opened a business themselves, who's work ethic, creativity and drive inspires you. Be sure to check that they have time available to mentor you. You will have a TON of questions. Meeting with a mentor a few times a month to discuss where you are at in terms of your business plan, and launch is pivotal to your success. You can only succeed with a great support network around you!

  2. Level Up: You may have to make some personal changes in your life, and who you choose to have in your corner. Keep the naysayers out. Focus on your own goals and forge ahead!

  3. Do your Research: There are so many great business models out there. With the rise of e-commerce the opportunities are endless. Research ideas, and make a decision that suits you in your financial situation, and lifestyle. Remember that business is constantly evolving, and don't doubt yourself!

  4. Take Action: Its so easy to get inundated with information. We call this information overload. Once you see a clear path for yourself, you must ACT! The fear of failure limits us in so many ways. If you notice you are stalling, meet with someone motivational, and push yourself forward.

  5. Mistakes Happen: We feel you. The reality is perfectionism distorts reality. You are going to make mistakes, you are going to fail. Sounds shocking, doesn't it? This is how you learn!! Be easy on yourself when you realize a mistake. Learn from it. Move forward!

We are here to tell you anything is possible. Be your own star in your own light, and create the change you want for yourself!!

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