Updated: Nov 25, 2020

While many of us are working from home, homeschooling, and tending to our everyday lives, we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to discuss time management. We do have time. We may need a few tips as to how to structure our days a bit better with a bit more clarity and routine. Here are 3 easy tips to increase productivity and self manage your time better.

#1 Morning Routine for the Win!

Take a few minutes today to think about how you are starting your day. What does your morning look like currently? Are you waking up feeling refreshed? Do you feel calm, relaxed, and collected about your days ahead? OR... Are any of you ladies like us in quarantine: Sleeping odd hours, waking up feeling like you didn't sleep at all, low on energy, and utterly confused about where to start on your daily career and at-home to-do list?

We wanted to shed some light on what we did to counteract feeling this way every morning. We took the time to create a minimal morning routine. You don't need to put your supermom cape on to do this, and there is NO such thing as perfection. It may seriously take a few weeks for your morning routine to stick, and that's OKAY! It takes time for any routine to set in, so be patient with yourselves. We made 2 simple changes:

  1. Glass of Lemon Water. Trust me here when I tell you this was no easy feat. I hated the idea of drinking water first thing. I read a lot about it but kept skipping to the caffeine injection. The thing is, our body, our generally not getting enough water as is, added that we just slept hopefully 8 hours, so we are dehydrated. Give yourself some water, and gain a bit of clarity before you start your day.

  2. Make Your Bed. So simple. I wasn't sure this one would stick, as I stopped making my bed long ago. I tested it for a week. At first, I fought with myself about it. Just being honest! Then I noticed my morning didn't seem chaotic. Making the bed helped set the tone for my morning, and it stuck!

# 2 Invest in an Undated Planner or Online Planner

Invest in an undated planner or an online planning program. Yes, it's come to this! If you are currently working from home, homeschooling, and running your household, its time to get organized! Once you start writing or typing out your to-do list, everything becomes tangible. Cross it off when finished, or select the check mark if you're working from an online planner. Today's planners are designed to work WITH you, and make life easier.

We highly recommend the Live Whale Planner. (See photos in our blog post.) The beautifully crafted vegan leather planner has steel riveted corners, a sturdy pen loop, and a file at the back of the planner for all your preparation and planning needs. This is our go-to, and has helped in our quest for productivity and purpose. While planning takes a bit of diligence and practice, you’ll be surprised at how much more time you have when you have a clear vision of your day ahead!

#3 Routine, Routine, Routine!

The more you create a routine for yourself, the more things become second nature. Routine creates an environment of stability, and along with that comes productivity. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, however. You can still have flexibility in your life, even with a reasonable semblance of routine. Being flexible means, you use the tools and routines you have created to allow for a slight deviation. It doesn't mean you give up on any amount of focus and effort. Stay diligent in finding a routine and be ready to be flexible if things come up.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to navigating this new balance; we are all trying to achieve. We can tell you, however, from experience, the more routine you create and the more goal setting you do, the less likely you are going to feel like life is upside down. No transition is smooth. Be easy on yourself, but be willing to make a few small changes and discover that you can find more productivity and find more balance while implementing a few small changes or routines.