Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The arrival of the new season calls for a wardrobe update. But a better yet change would be, a hair makeover. To make you stand out of the crowd as you don fashionable trendy attire, and make heads turn wherever you go.

Curious about how to style your hair? Fret not, for we are here to give you the top picks of the season:

  1. Asymmetrical Bobs

A style in trend for quite some time now, the asymmetrical bob doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon. If you still haven’t gotten it done, now is the time to take the plunge. An uneven cut, the bob is short from one side, going round to the other with a longer edge. You can opt for the usual center-part, or side-part for a more pronounced effect.

2. Wet and Wild

To get some of the Kardashian charms, the wet look is the one to opt for. With the use of gel, simply slick back your hair. You can decide to pull it up into a sleek pony. Or leave it open after running your fingers through the front. A rigid, yet high-shine hairstyle awaits you.

3. The Flowery Charm

This spring 2020, let the spring come to you. Make use of flowers in your hair, because everything seems better with the sight of flowers. Among many other brands, Missoni’s key feature this season was models with flowers lining their hair.

Make a beautiful fishtail threaded with jasmine, or don a flower crown to look like the princess you are.

4. The Lob

The long bob (read: lob) is another ‘in’ style this season. For those who do not want very short hair, the lob provides the perfect balance between long and short; approximately shoulder-length hair. Wear it up in a messy bun in the summers, or go for beachy waves in the winter – and stun wherever you go.

Make your hair appointment, or get the Stella Nova Essentials hot air brush, to give yourself your own at home BLOWOUT!

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