Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Like many of you, we have spent a fair penny on hair tools over the years. If you're also like us, and a second lock-down is growing increasingly likely, you're probably starting to vamp up your at-home glowup routine. Finding alternative ways to give yourself your home glowup is becoming increasingly popular, and we wanted to chime in with our top 5 ways to get that coveted glowup for a fraction of the cost!


Yes, we sell a best selling hair tool that we believe everyone needs to try! But, maybe you weren't sure you needed our hot air brush in your hair arsenal or were intimidated as to how to use it. Let us educate you with some at-home benefits of investing in our game-changing hair dryer brush.


With new technology in hair color options comes over-processing, more heat, and excessive damage. The primary but not only reason a hot air brush decreases damage is because of the advanced technology. Negative ions combined with tourmaline technology help saturate the airflow while increasing your hair's shine and overall smoothness.


If you've already gotten your Brushd Beauty hair tool at home, you may be thinking, wow, this is BIG- you're not wrong! When we first launched our product back in Nov 2019, we wanted to broaden our customer focus. However, we found that people with very short hair were buying our hairdryer brush and becoming frustrated at its size. There is nothing small about our hair tool, and to properly reap its benefits, we suggest having medium to long hair. Our brush hairdryer is an all-in-one tool; this means it operates as a hairdryer, hair styler, straightener, and volumizer. It performs all of these functions but in one device, offering you versatility in your hair styling routine.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."- Coco Chanel


We made it through the first lock-down, but we have to navigate the new norm of potential subsequent lock-downs as well as social distancing. We have to find creative ways to give ourselves those salon-like results but at a fraction of the cost. The truth is, salon blowouts and styles are expensive. If you are familiar with getting a salon blowout once a week, you know how hard this can be on your bank account. We need our hairstylists, no doubt, but you can give yourself your at-home blowout with one unique hair product. You can have a salon like finished result with our blowout brush. At $89.99, you've bought yourself one blowout a week for two months for less than $12 per style. That's a substantial cost savings, with stunning results!


Okay, so this one may surprise you. It took us talking to hairstylists and doing research to learn what boar technology is. Boar technology is a common phrase in the hair industry. Most hair tools advertise this feature and benefit. Here's the deal with boar technology; boar technology is vegan! That's right; there is no animal hair in a hairbrush made of boar technology. Round pinheads and tufted nylon bristles combine to create a boar-like finish known as boar technology. Okay, so why is boar technology a great benefit of an at-home blowout and glow-up? Smooth, straight results! You don't need hot flat irons, steam hair straighteners, or other damaging straightening hair tools with boar technology!


This feature is undervalued! It's not only a safety feature but an ergonomic design feature. If you're starting your own at home blowout routine, you know that some at-home hair tools can be uncomfortable to use, excessively hot, and at times dangerous. Our cool tip end is located on the tip of the oval brush head. The user can hold on to the cool tip end while holding the large handle. You're hands steer clear from the hot areas of the brush, and you're not dealing with the harmful effects of overly heavy and awkward hair tools. It's specially designed to make life easier and allow for easy daily use.


A surprise feature of our Brushd Beauty hair brush volumizer and dryer is the cool setting. Few hot airbrushes offer this design, and if you're looking for that at home glowup, this feature provides added versatility. The cool or low setting allows you to set your style and go, but it also personalizes your hair drying experience. If you already have excessively damaged hair, you do not want to dry your hair at continuously high heat. Interchanging between high, medium to low (cool) saves your hair from damage. Pro Tip: Use the cool (low) Setting on scorching days to protect your scalp from feeling too hot throughout the drying and styling process.

We debuted our hot air brush in the Canadian market in 2019, and it's been a BLOWOUT experience! We hear you, our valued customers! You wanted better quality and the ability to take your hot air brush to the gym, on vacation, or with you on the go. We are releasing an updated model in the coming months and can't wait to wow you with our total package at home blowout experience! Stay Tuned!

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